Make a splash come rain or shine at Sheerness Holiday Park in our indoor swimming pool!

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Enjoy our heated indoor Swimming Pools

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Our clubhouse bar boasts Sky TV and dining facilities from breakfast through to supper

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Our clubhouse bar boasts Sky TV and dining facilities

With takeaway and flexible dining packages available.

Free WiFi
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Sky TV
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Breakfast Served Daily
Free WiFi

Marvin's Monkey Club

See the wonderful grounds, play areas and lodges at Sheerness Holiday Park.

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We all know the importance of keeping the children entertained whilst on holiday!

A family holiday wouldn't be a holiday if the kids weren't just as happy and entertained as we're sure you'll be. To make sure this doesn't become a chore that distracts from your own enjoyment, we have designed Sheerness Holiday Park to include all the fun and excitement your children could possibly want.

  • exciting play areas

  • heated swimming pools

  • games rooms

Marvin's Monkey Club, where Marvin will guide your children through hours of supervised fun and games.

Marvin's Monkey Club is open to 5 year olds right through to teenagers.

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We've all done it - arrived on holiday only to find that we’ve forgotten our toothpaste, toilet rolls, or shampoo.

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Everything you need for your break away

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